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                                                   The Book of Jasher

1:5 So that the face of nature was formed a second time.
this confirms the various other passages in the scriptures which indicates the recreation of the earth.

Noah's Flood

3:3 Thus saith Abraham, the son of Terah, I have spied iniquity among the Gentiles, and evil among the sons of Cain.
this confirms the hebrew words that shows that Noah's flood was a local one.  How did Cain linage survive a world wide flood?


6:17  And the elders of the children of Israel knew not Moses: neither regarded they the words of his mouth.  :18  And they said unto Moses, Thou hast polluted the house of Jacob: for lo! thou hast taken to wife one who is not an Israelite  :19  And Moses said: I have sinned:20  And Moses put away Zipporah and her children: and they returned unto Jethro in the land of Midian.

this aligns with the old testament which told the tribe of Levi not to marry with a non Israelite.  The other tribes could marry non Israelites as long as they fully followed the law and wasnt an only child.  A only child had to marry within his tribe.

And it came to pass that Moses the sone of Amram, by Jochebed his wife, was the first male that came out of the womb after the decree of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, to slay all the males of the Hebrews.
6:1 And it came to pass in those days, that Pharaoh died; and the daughter of Pharaoh died also  :2  And there arose up a king who knew not Moses; neither regarded he the children of Israel.

And Pharaoh did so: and Pharaoh said: Behold the sons of Jacob are more in number than my own people. :17   Up now, let us set over them task-masters; for the land of Egypt groaneth, it is heavy laden, it bendeth under its burthen. :18  Now the land of Egypt gave of its increase unto Pharaoh, the fifth part thereof.  :19   And Pharaoh said: Of the increase of the land of Egypt shall ye every year bring into my storehouses, the tenth part thereof.  :20  And of the increase of the land of Goshen shall the children of Jacob bring unto Pithom and Raamses year by year the tenth part thereof, without waste shall they bring it. :21  So the Egyptians were eased of their burthens; and the children of Israel were grievously oppressed.
6:7  The fifth part of the increase of our lands will we not give the Egyptians: neither will we serve Pharaoh any longer
6:23 For this fifty years have we served with great toil the Egyptians, with the sweat of out brows we have borne heavy burhens, and they have not touched them with the little finger.
7:10 Then Pharaoh called unto him the task-masters, whom he had set over the children of Israel, and he said unto them,  Ye are negligent; bring ye unto my treasure-cities, Pithom and Raamses, then fifth of the increase of the land of Goshen, by the sixth day, ye shall bring it to the full tale thereof

Not aligned with the old testament
makes no mention of the death of the 1st born, nor of the following plagues: lice, flies, death of egyptian cattle, boils, hail, locust and death of fist borns.  Also in 9:18 Moses's rod did not eat the rods of the 2 magicians.
And the trumpet sounded about midnight, and the children of Israel hastened with great haste to go up out of Egypt.
in exodus Moses told the Israelites not to go out of their houses until morning.  Jasher account of the exodus tells that they sold possisions to the Eygptians contradicting the account in Ex 12:38 where they left with a mixed multitude.
9:21 And it came to pass, that the flocks, and the herds, and the possessions of the children of Israel were so great in number, that the Egyptians lacked money to make good the purchase thereof  :22  And the Egyptians said unto their wives, and unto their daughters, give unto us your ear-rings, your jewels of silver, and your jewels of gold that we may pay unto the Hebrews that which we owe unto them  :23  And the price thereof spoiled the Egyptians.
the most blasphemous section so far is the notion that Jethro (Moses' father-in-law) gave the commandments and statues to Moses see the next few passages  evil is called good and good called evil
17:14 And it came to pass, whilst Moses, Joshua, Nadab and Abihu, and the seventy elders, tarried in the mount, that the people murmured, and they said one among another,  :15  Whether is it better, that we be the subjects of the Egyptians whom we know: Up let us return thither, we, our wives, and our children: or become the slaves, and walk after the laws and customs of Jethro, the Midianite, whom we know not?
:21  Then Moses, after he had sent away the messengers, spake unto Joshua, Nadab, and Abihu, and the seventy elders:  :22  Behold thus it behoveth us to say unto the people:  We have seen the Lord in the mount, we have ate and drank in his presence, and the words which he hath spoken unto us, they are those which we now deliver unto you :23  And the saying of Moses was pleasing unto Joshua, and unto the seventy elders: but unto Nadab and Abihu it was not pleasing.
17:3 And Aaron, and all the sons of the tribe of Levi, except Nadab and Abihu, came forth of the camp, and stood before Moses.  :4  And Joshua said unto Moses: Lo, the people have spoken well of Nadab and Abihu; and they have eaten, and they have drank, and behold, now they are risen up to play  :5   Then said Moses unto the sons of Levi, even unto all the tribe thereof:  Gird on each man his sword, and go ye through the camp and slay ye the froward, even every man his friend.  :6  And they did so: and they slew Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, with three thousand of the people.
the above says that Moses didnt get the law from YHVH but from Jethro which as you see below is from the lineage of Esau which YHVH hated! (Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated).  Aaron's sons died in the old testament in Leviticus 10:1 by offering strange fire before YHVH
19:9  Thou shalt reverence the hoary head.
what kind of crap is this?  refer to Lev 19:32 it says: Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am YHVH. when you reverence someone then you dont rise up before them but the scriptures tells you to rise up before the hoary head (dont reverence it) and honour the face of the old man (the context is to honour YHVH).  Now why would someone say to honour this hoary head, who was Jethro?
17:5  Behold, thus saith Jethro, the son of ESAU, the priest of Midian...
remember that Esau name comes from is hairness (Genesis 25:25 - And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau) which is what hoary means grey hairs or in this context old hair which is what is symbolized in Esau.

currently on page 31 of  70.  I'm not sure I want to continue this book since there are so many errors from the scriptures and it takes away from the scriptures rather than confirming it. Come to think about it I wont be continuing any more time on this book after reading ahead its just sickening to see the scriptures being perverted this way.

Above comments made from translation version by Flaccus Albinus Alcuinus, of Britian 62 pages

I have another version by J.H. Parry & Company 1840 which is 254 pages. I plan to read it to see if it's different than the above mentioned book