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    Gen 2:15: And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.
Ex 15:26: ... If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians...

Dt 4:6-8 Israelite nation was to be a standard bearer for all nations: wisdom and understanding in sight of nations; other nations will say people are wise and understanding; what nation is so great, where God is so near? What nation is great that has statues and judgements as thee?

Law summed up:
     Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all they soul and with all they mind (1st and greatest) and thou shall love they neighbor as thyself.  on these 2 commandments hang all the laws and the prophets Mt 22:37-40, Mk 12:29,30
     So observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you Mt 26:20, Mk 12:31
     Love one another; Greater love has no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends Jn 13:24, 15:17, Jn 15:12-14

10 Commandments

1) No other gods before me Ex 20:3, 22:28; Lev 19:32, Dt 5:7
2) No graven images, likeness of anything in heaven, earth or seas
Ex 20:4, 34:17, Lev 19:11, Dt 4:16-19, 23, 5:8-10, 27:15
3) Don't take the name of YHVH in vain
Ex 20:7, Lev 19:12, Lev 21:6, Dt 5:11
4) Remember the sabbath, keep it holy,
Ex 20:8, Lev 19:3 keep sabbaths Lev 19:30, Dt 5:12-15
5) Honour father and mother
Ex 20:12, Lev 19:3, Dt 5:16, 27:16
6) Don't murder
Ex 20:13, Dt 517
7) Don't commit adultery
Ex 20:14, Dt 5:18
8) Don't steal
Ex 20:15, Lev 19:11, Dt 5:19
9) Don't bear false witness against neighbor
Ex 20:16, Lev 19:11, Dt 5:20
10) Don't covent neighbor's belongings
Ex 20:17, Dt 5:21
        Sin against commandments with ignorance, make offering
Lev 5:17,18, 4:2,3,13,15,22,24,27,28,32
        Keep commandments, statues and judgements
Dt 7:11, 8:1, 8:6, 11:1, 8, 32, 13:4, 26:18, 27:1, 10, 28:1, 8, 13, 30:10, 16, 32:46, 6:17
         Fear God, keep all commandments so it might be well with you forever Dt 5:29
         Don't add to the Word or diminish from it, keep commandments
Dt 12:32
                Do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord
Dt 6:18

     Break least of the commandments & teach men so - shall be called least in kingdom Mt 5:19
     Righteousness must exceed scribes and pharises in order to enter into kingdom of heaven Mt 5:20

Ammendments to the Law
Peter given keys to kingdom of heaven whatsoever is bound/loosen on earth likewise will be done in heaven Mt 16:19
2 agree on earth for anything it shall be granted Mt 18:18-19

Frontlet is a Abrahamic and Mosaic sign
Ex 13:16, Dt 6:8, 11:18
Fringe on border of clothes with a ribbon of blue
Num 15:38,39
on four corners
Dt 22:12
Don't round corners of heads, mar corners of beards, Don't cut the flesh or put tatoos on skin
Lev 21:5, 19:27,28
Woman man not wear man's clothing Dt 22:5
Man man not wear woman's clothing Dt 22:5
Don't wear garments of different kind: wool and linen together Dt 22:11
Write laws on doorpost and gates Dt 6:9, 11:20
Write laws and tie them on hands Dt 6:8, 11:18


Burn down corn in field or stored, make restitution Ex 22:6

Assault and Battery

Battery unto death, put to death
Ex 21:12
Battery unto death, no lie in wait, delievered by YHVH, safe city to flee to
Ex 21:13
Premeditated murder by trickery, take from alter, put to death
Ex 21:14
Battery of mother or father, put to death
Ex 21:15
Stealing a man (property), put to death
Ex 21:16
Curses mother or father, put to death
Ex 21:17, Lev 20:9
Battery no death, repayment until fully healed
Ex 21:18,19
Battery of servant until death, shall be punished
Ex 21:20
Battery of servant until death a few days later, no punishment
Ex 21:21
2 men fight and cause miscarriage of a woman, no mischief, punishment according to womans husband and and pay as judges deem
Ex 21:22
if mischief followes miscarriage, put to death Ex 21:23
Battery of servant until body piece gets destroyed, servant shall go free
Ex 21:26,27
2 men fight, wife of one intervenes and grabs testicles of other man: woman's hand shall be cut off
Dt 25:11, 12

Lend to many nations, never borrow from them
Dt 15:6
     Lend to poor and needy, will be blessed
Dt 15:7, 10, 11
     Don't have different weights great and small
Dt 25:13, 25:14
     You shall have perfect and just weights, perfect and just measure
Dt 25:15

Beast, Fowl, living creatures on land or sea Law
Lev 11:1-47
Touching any unclean thing alive or dead, wash you/item unclean until evening
Lev 11:25,27,32

and birth control
Woman bears man child, unclean for 7 days Lev 12:2
Child is circumcized on eighth day
Lev 12:3
Woman continues in blood purification for 33 additonal days (40 total)
Lev 12:4
Woman bears woman child, unclean for 14 days, blood purificaton for 80 days
Lev 12:5
     After day of purification are over make offering at tabernacle
Lev 12:6
And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother's wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother. 10: And the thing which he did displeased the LORD: wherefore he slew him also. Gen 38:9

Against Holy Spirit - shall not be forgiven Mt 12:31,32, Mk 3:29, Lk 12:10
Against all others and son of Man - may be forgiven Mt 12:31,32

Circumcise your hearts so you wont be stiffnecked Dt 10:16
Circumcision of foreskin at 8 days old Gen 21:4

Make no covenants with other races or gods Ex 23:32

Dead Bodies Law
Touch a dead body, unclean for 7 days Num 19:11
Defiled by dead are not allowed in camp Num 5:2
     Purify on 3rd day & on 7th day is clean Num 19:12, 31:19
     Doesnt purify on 3rd day on 7th day is not clean Num 19:12, 31:19
           Defileth tabernacle, cut off from people Num 19:13, 20
Person dies in tent, all who comes into tent & all material in tent unclean 7 days Num 19:14
      All open containers are unclean Num 19:15
Touching person slain in open field, dead body, bone or grave shall be unclean 7 days Num 19:16
Hyssop dipped in water, sprinkle on temt, vessels & person which touched bone, slain, dead body, grave or was in the house Num 19:18
Clean shall sprinkle upon the unclean on 3rd day, 7th day wash self and clothes, clean at even Num 19:19
Perpetual statue Num 19:21

Death Penalty
All Israel shall hear and fear and shall do no more any such wickedness as this is among you Dt 13:11
Commit a sin worthy of death - hang him on a tree Dt 21:22
      Body shall not remain all night but you shall bury him Dt 21:23
Father shall not be put to death for the children nor children due to their father's action; put to death by own sins Dt 24:16
No one sentenced to death may not be redeemed; he shall be put to death Lev 27:32
Daughter of a priest that's a whore, will be burnt with fire Lev 21:9

Skip out on debts - possessons and self sold in slavery until debts are paid Mt 18:25
Forgive debts Mt 18:22

Dietary / Health
Don't eat abominable thing Dt 14:3
Don't eat blood or fat, cut off from people Lev 3:17, 7:25-27, 17:10,12,14, 19:26, Dt 12:16, 23
Don't eat which died of itself, torn by beasts, wash self unclean until even else live in iniquity Ex 22:31, Lev 17:5   give torn meat to dogs. 
Give animal which dies by itself to stranger (1616) or sell to alien (5237) Dt 14:21
Meat which touches unclean thing shall be burnt with fire Lev 7:19
And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. Gen 1:29
Eat the herb of the field; Gen 3:18
Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb ...Gen 9:3, Dt 12:15
In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground;  Gen 3:19
But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat. Gen 9:4
But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.Gen 2:17

That which was torn of beasts I brought not unto thee....Gen 31:39
Dig and burry excrement in a hole outside of the camp Dt 23:13

Bill of divorce for anything (Mosaic) Mt 18:7,8
     only for cases of fornication else you commit adultry Mt 18:8-9, Lk 16:18

Feast days
Passover / Unleaven Bread Ex 23:14
      10th day of 1st month separate 1 lamb/goat of 1st year Ex12:3-5
      14th day at evening kill the lamb Ex 12:6, Num 9:3, Dt 16:6
      Strike blood on side and top door post , stay inside all night Ex 12:6,22
      Eat lamb (head, legs and guts) that night roasted with fire, unleaven bread & bitter herbs in haste with shoes, clothes and staff in hand, burn rest in morning Ex 12:8-11, Num 9:11
      Eat unleaven bread for 7 days, soul cut off if leaven bread is eaten, no leaven bread in house or country Ex 12:5, 13:6,7, Ex 34:25, Dt 16:3,4
       7th day is holy, do no work Dt 16:8
       No foreigner, hired servant, uncircumcised person may eat the passover Ex 12:43-48
       Stranger (1616) may keep passover if observe all laws Num 9:14
       Unclean on 1st month: 14th day; keep in 2nd month: 14th day Num 9:10-12
       First fruits of harvest is between the 15 & 21 on a Sunday Lev 23:10,11
       Cant eat of first fuit until offering is made: statue forever Lev 23:14
Feast of Harvest / First Fruits / Pentacost  Ex 23:14

Blowing of trumpets - 7th month, 1st day
Day of Atonement - 7th month, 10th day Lev 16:17,29
        No man can make atonement for his sins until the high priest makes an atonement for him, his household and congregation of Israel on day of Atonement Lev 16:17
Feast of Ingathering / Tabernacles  Ex 34:22

            Every 7th year in the year of release in feast of tabernacles read entire law to people Dt 31:10,11
         Keep feasts for ever Ex 13:10, 12:14, 12:17, 12:24, Lev 16:31,34
YHVH will cast out nations, enlarge border, no man will desire your land when the 3 feasts are observed each year  Ex 34:24
          Feasts to be observed in their season Num 9:3, 28:2
          No stranger (2114) may eat of the holy thing except if the priest buy them Lev 22:10,11
          If priest daughter is married to a stranger (376,2114) & man dies and has no kids; daughter may move back and eat Lev 22:13

Gentile law
Abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication Acts 15:20,29;21:25

House building
Place battlements to prevent falling off the roof when building your house Dt 22:8

20 nannies for each billy Gen 32:14
20 ewes  for every ram Gen 32:14
4 cows per each bull Gen 32:15
2 she donkeys per each male donkey Gen 32:15
Don't reap corners of field or gleaning of harvest  Lev 19:9, 23:22, Dt 24:19-21
Don't take all grapes from vineyard or all the olives; left over is for the poor Lev 19:10, Dt 24:19-21
Planted trees, unclean 1st 3 years, 4th year is holy, eat of tree in 5th year Lev19:23-25
Keep statues, Don't intermingle cattle, plants, clothes with different kinds Lev 19:19
Don't sow vineyard with different seed else fruit will be defiled Dt 22:9
Don't plow ox and ass together Dt 22:10
Don't take mother bird wih chicks, let them go free Dt 22:6,7
Don't muzzle ox when threshing corn Dt 25:4
You may eat neighbors vineyard: Don't put any into container Dt 23:24
You may eat neighbors corn: Don't chop stalk down Dt 23:25
Plants need deep roots to survive Mt 13:5,6
Till around trees & use natural fertilizer Lk 13:8
4 months and whiteness showes that it's ready for the harvest Jn 4:35

Inheiritance (land)
Man dies & has no sons, inheiritance passes to his daughters Num 27:8
Man has no daughters inheiritance passes to his brothers Num 27:9
Man has no brothers, inheiritance passes to his fathers brothers Num 27:10
Man's father has no brothers, inheiritance passes to kinsman next to him Num 27:11
Children of Israel shall keep to himself to the inheiritance Num 36:7,9
Inheiritance may not move from one tribe to another Num 36:9
Levites will have no inheiritance Num 18:23
 Man has 2 wives: hates one, loves other.  1st born to hated one; may not make loved child ahead of hated child.  hated child will be 1st born Dt 21:15
2 brothers live together and 1 dies childless: wife shall marry other brother Dt 25:5         
     Her first born will be for dead brother's name Dt 25:6
     If brother refuses to get married; dead brothers wife will take matters to the elders Dt 25:7
     Elders will speak to brother; brother still refuses Dt 5:8
      Wife will loosen one of his shoes, spit on his face, declare he wont build his brothers house Dt 5:9
      Brother will be known as: the house of him that hath his shoe loosen  Dt 5:10

Angry with brother without a cause - danger of judgment Mt 5:22
Call brother idiot or fool - danger of Gehenna (Hell) Mt 5:22
    bring gift to alter Mt 5:23,24
Every idle word that men speak they shall give account for in day of judgment Mt 12:36

Don't speak evil of the ruler of your people Acts 23:5-6

Jealousies, Law of   Num 5:14-31

Convert someone to judeism and you damm them twice as much as you are dammed Mt 23:15
Scribes/Pharises sit in Moses seat, do whatever they say to observe but not after their works Mt 23:2,3

Jubile guidelines
50th year, proclaim liberty, return every man to his possession/family Lev 25:10,13
Don't reap field or gather grapes Lev 25:11
Eat increase of field Lev 25:12
Don't oppress neighbor in buying or selling Lev 25:14
Sow 8th yr, eat of old fruit until 9th yr until fruits come in Lev 25:22
Land shall not be sold forever Lev 25:23
Land of possession shall be granted redemption Lev 25:24
Poor sold some possessions - kin may redeem possession Lev 25:25
Poor may indenture himself to redeem possession Lev 25:26
Possession will go back at time of jubile Lev 25:28
House in walled city may be redeemed within 1 yr else will never be redeemed Lev 25:29,30
House w/o walls may be redeemed at jubile Lev 25:31
Cities of Levities, houses may be redeemed at any time Lev 25:32
Field of suburbs of Levite cities may not be sold Lev 25:34
Relieve poor, stranger (1616) and sojourner (8453) Lev 25:35
During year, land shall be meat for you and stranger (8453) Lev 25:6

Judicial procedures
Jurisdiction of the court: Act 25:10 Then said Paul, I stand at Caesar's judgment seat, where I ought to be judged: to the Jews have I done no wrong
Bond for release: Act 24:26 He hoped also that money should have been given him of Paul, that he might loose him: wherefore he sent for him the oftener, and communed with him.
Right to face your accussors: Act 23:35 I will hear you (Paul), said he (governor Felix), when thine accusers (Jews) are also come

Right to remain silent.John 19:9 And (Pilate) went again into the judgment hall, and saith unto Jesus, Whence art thou? But Jesus gave him no answer.
Right to appeal: Act 25:11 For if I (Paul) be an offender, or have committed any thing worthy of death, I refuse not to die: but if there be none of these things whereof these (Jews) accuse me, no man may deliver me unto them. I appeal unto Caesar.


settle matters before going before a judge else risk going to prison Mt 5:25
Judge not that ye will not be judged Mt 7:1
Don't raise false report or unrighteous witness Ex 23:1
Don't follow a crowd to do evil Ex 23:2
Don't try to turn the verdict of a judgment around Ex 23:2
Don't twist justice Dt 16:19
Don't favor the poor in his cause
Don't turn away the judgement of the poor in his cause Ex 23:6
Don't turn away judgment from widow, stranger (1616), fatherless Dt 27:19
Keep away from a false matter Ex 23:7
Take no gifts, gift blindes the wise preverts words of righteous Ex 23:8
Don't take bribes or special favors for people Dt 10:17, 16:19
Don't commit unrighteousness in judgment, Don't favor poor or rich Lev 19:15, Dt 24:17
No unrighteousness in judgment, meteyard, weights, measure, just balances, just weights, epan hin Lev 19:35,36
If stranger (1616) follows laws he/she will be treated as an Israelite Lev 19:34
Don't hate brother: rebuke neighbor if you see him transgressing laws Lev 19:17
Don't avenge, carry grudge against your people, love neighbor as thyself Lev 19:18
Keep statues, judgments both Israel & stranger (1616) else land will be defiled Lev 18:26, 45
Land will spue you out when you defile it (the Law) Lev 18:28
Who ever sins presumptuously against God will be blotted out of his book Ex 32:33, Num 15:30
1 manner of law both for the stranger (1616) and native born Lev 24:22, Num 15:15,16, 15:29
Don't have different weights (great,small); shall have perfect weights & measure Dt 25:13-15
Breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth Lev 24:20
Judge will rule between controversy, guilty may receive maximum of 40 lashes Dt 25:1,3
Qualification: wise men, known Dt 1:13
Density per population: 10, 50, 100, 1000  Dt 1:15
Mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses is required for a matter to be established Dt 19:15
Mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses for person to be put to death not just 1 witness Dt 17:6
Man ignores priest judgment; man is put to death Dt 17:12,13
False witness rises up to accuse another Dt 19:16
      Brings matter to priest.  Dt 19:17
      Priest shall make diligent inquistion.  Dt 19:18
      If matter is false then do to false witness what it was to be done with other person  Dt 19:19
      Life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot    Dt 19:21, Lev 24:20
Give cloak if man sues & wins coat Mt 5:40

Resist evil: whosoever smite thee on right cheek let him smite you on the left also Mt 5:39

Cant be strangers (5237) which is not thy brother Dt 17:15
Shall  not multiply his horses & cause people to return to Egypt Dt 17:16
Shall not have multiple wives Dt 17:17
Shall not multiple silver and gold Dt 17:17
Shall write out a copy of the Law from Levites Dt 17:18
Law book shall be with him always Dt 17:19

Don't remove neighbors landmarks marking his land Dt 19:14, 27:17

Leper, Law Lev 14:1-57, Dt 24:8
Leprosy, Law - how to test for Lev 13:1-59, Num 5:2

No usury on loans to Israelite Ex 22:25
Pledge for loan will be returned by sunset Ex 22:26

Don't marry people who worship other gods Gen 28:1, 24:3, Ex 34:16,
Sex with unmarried woman, shall get married Ex 22:16
Adultry is punishable by death both man and woman. Gen 38:24, Lev 20:10
not good that the man should be alone; woman fulfills man. Gen 2:18
cant marry widow, whore, profane or divorced Lev 21:3,7
Priest must marry virgin, from own people
Lev 21:3,4
Daughter of sonless father must marry only of the tribe of their father
Num 36:6
Go to war, see a beutiful woman (virgin) and desire her for a wife Dt 21:11
bring her home, shave her head, pare nails Dt 21:12
     put captive cloths on her, restrict her to house Dt 21:13
     allow her to mourn father/mother for 1 month then marry her Dt 21:13
     not satisfied with her, set her free, Don't sell her Dt 21:14
Man may have multiple wifes Dt 21:15
Man divorces wife & wife marries another and he divorces her or dies; wife may not marry 1st husband again Dt 24:1-4
Newly married: 1st year may not be drafted or given added responsibility, stay home, please wife Dt 24:5
Man marries woman and finds her not a virgin and pronounces it Dt 22:13
      woman's father may produce token of virginity Dt 22:15
      if woman is a virgin: fine husband 100 shekels silver to father, never divorce wife Dt  22:18,19
      woman's father cant produce evidence: woman shall be stoned to death Dt 22:20,21

Ox gores man/woman to death, no prior incidents, death to ox, Don't eat the meat Ex 21:28
Ox gores man woman to death, previous incidents, death to man and ox unless ransom is laid on his life and it is paid Ex 21:29
Ox pushes servant, servant gives master 30 shekels and ox shall be stoned Ex 21:32
Ox/Ass falls into newly opened pit, close pit, pit owner buys ox, ass Ex 21:34
Ox hurts to death another ox, sell live one, divide money and dead ox Ex 21:35  
Ox hurts to death another ox, previous incident, trade live ox for dead Ex 21:36

Military Service

Go against city, first ask for peace Dt 20:10
     city accepts, all people will be tributaries & shall serve you Dt 20:11
     city refuses, kill all males, keep virgin woman and children Dt 20:14
            woman must not have known men Num 31:18
Destroy utterly: Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites Dt 20:17
Blot out remebrence of Amalek from earth Dt 24:5
Don't cut down fruit/nut trees when besieging a city Dt 20:19
Cut down nonfruit/nut trees when attacking a city Dt 20:20

Military Service Exceptions
Within 1st year of marriage Dt 24:5
Engaged to wife, but not married yet Dt 20:7
Built house but have not dedicated it yet Dt 20:5
Planted vineyard but havent eaten of it Dt 20:6
Person which is fearful or fainthearted, might spread to others Dt 20:8

Mosaic Covenant Ex 19-23
sign of covenant is frontlets between the eyes Ex 13:16


Killing person without authority from YHVH, death of killer Gen 9:6, 24:21,17 Mt 5:21
Kill a person unawarely, didnt hate him in past, manslayer is taken to city of refuge to live Num 35:11, Dt 4:42, 19:4
Manslayer shall reside in city of refuge until death of high priest Num 35:25
After death of high priest, manslayer returns to his land Num 35:28
Manslayer leaves refuge city before death of high priest & revenger of blood meets and kills him, revenger is not guilty of murder Num 35:27
Take no satisfaction for him that fled to city of refuge Num 35:32
Kill a person with instrument of iron, stone, wood; manslayer shall be put to death Num 35:16-18
Revenger of blood shall slay manslayer Num 35:19
Revenger of blood kills manslayer with hatred, lies in wait, enmity, revenger shall be put to death Num 35:20,21
Manslayer shall be put to death by mouth of 2 or more witnesses not just by 1 Num 35:30
Take no satisfaction for death of manslayer Num 35:31
Blood defileth the land, land connot be cleansed of blood that is shed therein but by the blood of him that shed it. Num 35:33
Find dead body in field between 2 cities: elders from both cities shall atone for the body Dt 21:1-9
Don't kill someone in secret Dt 27:24
Don't take a bribe to kill an innocent person Dt 27:25

Nazarite, Law of 
Num 6:1-21

Offend believer and cause him to stumble- better for him to be thrown into sea with millstone Mt 18:6

Don't let your offerings be public Mt 6:1
Give in secret- will be rewarded openly Mt 6:4
Don't offer blood of sacrifice with leaven bread Ex 23:18
First of first fruits bring to the house of YHVH Ex 23:19
Set up tabernacle on 1st day of the year Ex 40:2
No meat offering by fire shall be burnt with leaven or honey Lev 2:11
All born is YHVH: cattle, sheep, ox Ex 34:19
All 1st born and sons shall be redeemed, ass redeemed for lamb, break asses neck Ex 13:12,13, 34:20
Don't delay in offering first borns, first born sons belong to YHVH Ex 22:28
Animals given after 7 days with mother Ex 22:30
Don't pour holy oil on man's flesh or make copy/similar oil else cut off from people Ex 30:32,33 
Don't make copy/similar oil of most holy perfume else cut off from people Ex 30:38
Fill an omer of manna to be kept for your generations Ex 16:32
Pour blood of killed animal on ground, cover it with dust Lev 17:13
People shall be holy Lev 19:2
Law of burnt offerings Lev 6:9
Law of meat offerings Lev 6:14
Law of trespass offerings Lev 7:1
Law of peace offerings Lev 7:11, 3:1
peace offerings must be perfect to be accepted Lev 22:21
Aaron & sons my eat portion of offerings Lev 6:18
Aaron & sons offers burnt offerings forever Lev 6:22
Aaron & sons get breast and right sholder of offered animals Lev 7:31,32
No strong drink, wine in tabernacle of congregation Lev 10:9
Eating YHVH portion while unclean, cut off from people Lev 7:20
Touching unclean thing (man, beast, abominable thing) & eat peace offering, cut off from people Lev 7:21
Sin against holy thing, make offering Lev 5:15
Stranger (1616) may offer up to God  Num 15:14
Don't eat God's portion anywhere; only where he choses Dt 12:17
If it is too far you may eat God's portion Dt 12:21
Don't offer a dog Dt 23:18
Don't offer lame, blind, ill Dt 15:21
Firstlings of male from herd/flock are used in offerings, Don't work or shear them Dt 15:19,20
All that any man gives shall be holy, shall not alter it good for bad, bad for good Lev 27:9
Vow animal, land, house priest will estimate value; if redeemed then add 1/5 to redeemed price Lev 27:13,15,19,31
If you Don't redeem field then at jubile the field belongs to the priest Lev 27:20
Don't offer bread received from a stranger (1121,5236) for offering to God Lev 22:21
Israelite or strangers (1616) may offer oblations for vows Lev 22:18

One time laws
 Noah is to bring clean beasts by 7s, unclean by 2s, fowls by 7s into Ark Gen 7:2

All who do unrighteously are a abomination to God
Dt 25:16
Destroy their alters, images, cut down groves
Ex 34:13, Lev 26:1, Num 33:52, Dt 12:2,3, 7:5
Witches, enchanters are to be put to death Ex 22:18, Lev 20:27, Dt 18:10
Don't go to a charmer, consulter of familiar spirits, wizard, necromancer Dt 10:11 possed people Lev 19:31
People praticing beastiality are to be put to death  Ex 22:19, Dt 27:21
Sacrifices to any god besides YHVH are to be utterly destroyed Ex 22:20, Dt 6:14, 11:16, 18:9
Don't inquire how other nations served their gods and do likewise Dt 12:30
Prophet, dreamer gives sign & it comes true & says to follow another god; prophet shall be put to death.  God is trying to prove you to see if you love him Dt 13:1-5
Family member entices you to follow another god; person shall be put to death Dt 13:6-10
City turns to worship another god; inquire, search, ask diligently & if true; kill all inhabitants and cattle with sword; pile all stuff in a pile & burn, never rebuild the city Dt 12:16
Don't make covenants or have mercy with inhabitants of the land; will be a snare  Ex 34:12, Dt 7:2, Dt 7:2
   Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites
Don't use enchantments or observe times Lev 19:26, Dt 18:10
Rise up from hoary head Lev 19:32
Don't prostitue daughter, cause her to be a whore, land will fall to whoredom Lev 19:29
Don't follow ordinances of Canaan Lev 18:3, 20:23
Don't boil kid in mothers milk Ex 23:19, Dt 14:21
Other races shall not dwell in thy land Ex 23:33
Don't let children pass through the fires of Molech - stoned to death Lev 18:21, 20:4,5, Dt 18:10, 12:31
Drive away the pagan people from the land  Num 22:52
Don't  temp God Dt 6:16
Cast out all enemies before you Dt 6:19
Don't cut yourself or remove frontlets for the dead Dt 14:1
Don't plant grove of trees near any alter of God Dt 16:21
Don't set up any image which God hates Dt 16:22
Worship of sun, moon, stars; person shall be stoned to death Dt 17:3-5
Graven image shall be burnt with fire, Don't take image for gold/silver Dt 7:25
Don't bring any abomination into house; detest and abhor it Dt 7:26

Pray in secret- will be rewarded openly Mt 6:6
Praying in open just so people may see you will only get you fleshly rewards Mt 6:5

    Don't use vain repetitons like heathen do Mt 6:7
How to pray: Our Father... Mt 6:9-13
Don't show signs of fasting: keep yourself groomed Mt 6:16-18

Teach children when you sit in house, walk on the road, when you lie down and when you raise up Dt 6:7, 11:19
Preach to all nations (ethnos) baptise them in name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Mt 28:19


Don't number tribe of Levi in census Num 1:49
Levi to guard tabernacle, kill anyone who comes near it Num 1:51
Levi only one to raise and lower the tabernacle Num 1:51
Kill stranger (2114) who comes near tabernacle Num 3:10, 38
25-50yrs old do service in tabernacle. At 50 yrs will minister; but will not do any work. Num 8:24-26
Aaron & sons is to minister before tabernacle of witness, cant come near vessels of the sanctuary & the alter else they die Num 18:3
Stranger (2114) are not to come near priest else they die Num 18:4,7
No stranger (376,2114  which is not of the seed of Aaron is to come near & offer incense before God Num 16:40
Sons of Aaron shall blow Alarm Num 10:8
   Go to war, blow trumpets, remembered befor God, saved from enemies Num 10:9
    Blow trumpets on solemn, gladness, beginning of months, burnt & peace offering days Num 10:10
    Blow trumpet all assembly shall assemble, sound isnt that of an alarm Num 10:3,7
    1 trumpet princes of 1,000 shall gather Num 10:4
    Blow alarm East camp goes forward Num 10:5
    Blow alarm 2nd time South Camp goes forward Num 10:6
Don't use iron tools to built the Alter Dt 18:7,8
Write laws on entrance to country Dt 27:8
Levites shall not have any inheiritance Dt 18:2
    ministers shall be fed when ministering Dt 18:7,8  
High priest cant be blind, lame, flat nose, anything superfluous, broken footed, brokenhearted, crooked back, dwarf, eye blemish, scurvy, scabbed, broken testicles Lev 21:17,20
Priest can't participate when he is unclean, leaper, running issue, touched by dead, person copulation, touched by creeping thing Lev 22:13-15 

Prophets will speak the words of God Dt 18:18,19
If prophet speaks about other gods then he shall die Dt 18:20
Test: if what prophet says come true then he is a prophet if event doesnt happen then he is not a prophet Dt 18:22

Rebelleous Offspring
Son is stubborn, rebelleous, doesnt obey father, mother, will not listen to chastiment Dt 21:18
  take hold of son, bring him to elders Dt 21:19
    declare his offence: glutton, drunk Dt 21:20
    Stone him to death Dt 21:21

Return brother's/enemy's ox ass to him
Ex 23:4, Dt 22:1
Help out animals of those that hate you Ex 23:5, Dt 22:14
Don't know owner of lost animal, clothing, item; keep it until owner comes for it and return it Dt 22:2,3
Don't oppress strangers (1616) Ex 23:9, Lev 19:33
Don't Gossip Lev 19:16
Don't defraud/rob neighbor or keep wages overnight Lev 19:13
Don't curse deaf, put hazards before the blind, fear YHVH Lev 19:14
Give double to those that request for something Mt 5:41
Don't turn away request of those that ask Mt 5:42
Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, pray for them which despitefully and persecute you Mt 5:44

     Forgive threspasses against you, Father shall forgive you Mt 6:14
If you Don't forgive trespasses then the Father will not forgive your trespases Mt 6:15
Whatsoever you will want men to do unto you, do unto them - sum of the law and prophets Mt 6:12

Man stores ox, ass, sheep, beast to neighbor to keep and it dies, gets hurt, driven away without anyone seeing it, oath that neighbor wasnt involved, shall not make restitution Ex 22:10
    If stolen, make restitution Ex 22:12
    Torn in pieces, show pieces, shall not make restitution Ex 22:13
Man borrows animal and it dies or gets injured, shall make restitution Ex 22:14
Man rents animal and owner comes with it and animal dies, no restitution, came for hire Ex 22:15

    Cant enter congregation of the Lord if testicles or penis are damaged Dt 23:1
Cant enter if you are a mongrel Dt 23:2
Cant enter if you are a Ammonite or Moabite; never seek peace/prosperity with them Dt 23:3
Edomite and Egyptian may enter congregation Dt 23:8
Don't bring whore into the house of the Lord Dt 23:18
Become unclean; go outside of camp; at evening wash self and at night reenter camp Dt 23:10,11

Sabbath days / years  Ex 31:13
Beginning of month (allowed to work)  Num 28:11
7th day of week Ex 23:12, 34:21, 35:2, Lev 23:3
  stay home on the sabbath Ex 16:29
Passover / Unleaven Bread
  14th day at sundown Num 28:16
  1st (15th of 1st month) and 7th (21st of 1st month) days of   unleaven bread
    Ex 23:15, 34:18, 12:16, Lev 23:6-8, Num 28:16-18, 25, Dt 16:8
Feast of Harvest / First Fruits / Pentacost
  7 Sabbaths +1 day from weekly sabbath during unleaven bread (50 days)
     Ex 23:16, 34:22, Lev 23:21, 23:15,16, Num 28:26, Dt 16:8,9
Blowing of Trumpets - 7th month, 1st day     Lev 23:24,25, Num 29:1,
Day of Atonement - 7th month 10th day   Lev 16:29,30, 23:27-31, Num 29:7
            - 49th year 7th month 10th day Lev 25:8,9
Feast of Ingathering / Tabernacles
  1st (15th of 7th month) and 8th (22st of 7th month)
    Ex 23:16, 34:22, Lev 23:34-36,39, 23:42, Num 29:12, 35, Dt 16:13-15
7th year     Ex 23:11, Lev 25:25
  Every 7th year make a release on debt Dt 15:1
  All Israelites shall be released Dt 15:2
  All foriengers (5137) may not be released Dt 15:3
50th year (jubile  Lev 25:10,13

keep sabbaths for ever   Ex 31:13, 31:16, 17, Lev 16:31. 26:2

     working/defiling on sabbath, put to death Ex 31:15
   man gathering sticks on Sabbath God told Moses to stone him Num 15:32, 35
Sabbaths are a sign Ex 31:13,17
Defiling sabbath, working on sabbath, put to death Ex 31:14,15
Don't kindle fire of sabbath Ex 35:3
No plagues when Israel comes into the sanctuary Num 8:19
Lawful to do well on the sabbath Mt 12:12

Call no one Rabbi (master), father, leader (guide, teacher) Mt 23:8-10

Self Defense, gun control, protection
with a homeowner armed his goods are in peace Lk 11:21
he that has no sword let him sell his garment and buy one Lk 22:36

Self sufficiency
Sufficient unto the day has its own evils Mt 6:34

Sex, Adultery
, Premaritial, beastiality, homosexuality
Sex with unmarried/unengaged woman, shall get married pay father 50 shekels silver; may not divorce Ex 22:16 Dt 22:28,29
Father refuses daughter to get married, father shall pay dowry Ex 22:17
Sex with engaged slaved and not freed or redeemed, she will be scourged Lev 19:20
Don't uncover nakeness of father's wife, father's widow, sister, son's or daughter's daughter, aunt, uncle, daughter-in-law, brother's wife, woman & daughter, menstrating women, neighbor's wife else cut off from people Lev 18:7-20, 20:18, Dt 27:20,22, 22:30
Sex with father's wife, daughter in law, homosexual; shall be put to death  Lev 20:11-13
Sex with wife and mother at same time; shall be burnt Lev 20:14
Sex with uncles wife, brother's wife; die childless Lev 20:20
Don't engage in homosexuality else cut off from people Lev 18:22, Dt 23:17
Don't engage in beastiality - put to death Lev 18:23, Ex 22:19, Lev 20:15,16
Don't permit daughter to be a whore Dt 23:17
Sex with married woman; both stoned to death Dt 22:22
Sex with engaged woman; both stoned to death Dt 22:23
Man rapes woman; man put to death, woman goes free Dt 22:25-27
Lusting after a woman- committed adultery in the heart Mt 5:28
Marriage of divorced woman- committed adultery Mt 5:32, Mk 10:11,12

Sexual Issuance, Copulation
Leaves man, wash body, unclean until even Lev 15:16
All garments or skin shall be washed & unclean until even Lev 15:17
Woman shall be unclean until evening Lev 15:18

Sexual Disease
Person with a Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) is unclean Lev 15:2
Person with STD bed, chair, flesh, saddle and spit are unlean, anyone touching those must wash self/item and wait until even to be clean Lev 15:4-11
Earth vessel touching STD must be broken, wooden vessel must be washed Lev 15:12
Once person with STD is clean, count 7 days and 8th day offer 2 turtle doves/pigeons and be clean Lev 15:13,14
Not allowed in camp with issueance Num 5:2

Sexual Issuance, Menstral
Stay apart 7 days, anyone touching her - unclean until even Lev 15:19
Anything she lies or sits on is unclean Lev 15:20
Anyone touching her bed, chair must wash themselves - unclean until even Lev 15:21.22
Man touching menstral flow - unclean 7 days, bed is unclean Lev 15:24
Stay apart until discharge stops Lev 15:25
Count 7 days after last flow, 8th day clean submit offering 2 turtles or 2 pigeons Lev 15:28,29
Touching uncleanlyness of man whatever it is, wash and make offering Lev 5:3


Hebrew servant will work 6 years, 7th year he shall go free without charge Ex 21:2, Lev 25:39
    Send servant off with some out of the flock, flour, winepress Dt 15:12-14
Married prior to slavery, his wife will go free also Ex 21:3, Lev 25:39

    Married after slavery began, wife and children remain Ex 21:4
Sold self into slavery, may be redeemed, released on jubile w/ pay as hired servant Lev 25:47-50
   treated as yearly hire servant, not to be ruled by rigour, redeemed at jubile with children Lev 25:53,54
Accepts slavery, ear bore thru will serve forever Ex 21:6, Dt 15:17
Heathen not released on 7th/50th year , Lev 25:44
Heathen children will not be free Lev 25:45

    Doesnt get set free on 7th year Ex 21:7
Engaged to master & doesnt please him, cant be sold to foreigner, may be redeemed Ex 21:8
    Master takes another wife- food, rainment, duty of marriage shall not be diminished else she goes free without cost
Ex 21:10
Don't deliver escaped servant back to his master Dt 23:15
    Servant shall dwell with you Dt 23:16
Don't oppress hired servant, brother or stranger (1616) Dt 24:14
Pay wages at end of day Dt 24:15

Hear or See swearing, make offering Lev 5:1
Swear to do good or evil, make offering Lev 5:4

1 month to 5 years male = 5 shekels of silver Lev 27:6
5-20 years old male = 20 shekels of silver Lev 27:5
20-60 years old male = 50 shekels of silver Lev 27:3
60+ male = 15 shekels of silver Lev 27:7
1 month to 5 years female = 3 shekels of silver Lev 27:6
5-20 years old female = 10 shekels of silver Lev 27:5
20-60 years old female = 30 shekels of silver Lev 27:4
60+ female = 10 shekels of silver Lev 27:7
poor = priest shall estimate price Lev 27:8

    Jesus paid temple tax Mt 17:24-27
Render unto caeser the things which are caesars
and unto God the things that are God Mt 22:21, Lk 20:25

steals ox or sheep to kill or sell, restore 5 ox for 1, 4 sheep for 1 Ex 22:1
caught breaking and entering and death of robber results, no punishment for owner Ex 22:2
caught breaking and entering and robber is wounded, full restiution or robber gets sold Ex 22:3
caught with goods in hand, restore double of stolen goods Ex 22:4
Animal eats another field or vineyard, best of animal owners field or vineyard shall be given Ex 22:5
Man stores material at anothers and is stolen and thief caught, thief pays double of material Ex 22:7
  thief not caught, wharehouseman brought to judges to verify he didnt steal any   Ex 22:8
Theft by force or deceit, swears falsely, return item plus 1/5 to owner and court costs Lev 6:2-6
Kill a beast, make good, beast for beast Lev 24:18
Commit sin & found guilty: repay principle plus 1/5 Num 5:6,7
Kidnapping is punishible by death Dt 24:7

Kill ox, lamb, goat, beast, fowl must give offering to tabernacle of congreation both Israel and stranger, if not cut off from people Lev 17:3,4,8,9
     Abraham gave 1/10 to God Heb 7:2
   After Moses war with Midian he gave 1/2 to God Num 31:27
   Jacob tithed 1/10 to God Gen 28:22
  Give first fruits to God when entered the promise land Dt 26:2
Levites will inheirit all tithes Num 18:24
Levites will give 1/10 of all the tithes they receive Num 18:26
Tithe increase of field Dt 14:22-26
   eat it before God; if distance is too far, convert it to money & buy food, drink Dt 14:26
Every 3rd year, feed stranger (1616), fatherless, widow, Levite with stored up tithes Dt 14:28,29, 26:12
1/10 of herd/flock shall be holy Lev 27:32

Ox, ass, rainment, lost thing and someone challenges ownership, judge will rule on matter and make other to pay for thing double the amount Ex 22:9
Brother trespasses against you- tell his fault between him and you alone Mt 18:15
  doesnt listen, take 2 or more witnesses Mt 18:16
  doesnt hear them, tell the congregation & consider him heathen Mt 18:17
Forgive all brothers which which sins against you Mt 18:21-22
If thy brother trespasses against you, rebuke him and if he repents, forgive him Lk 17:3
If he trespasses you 7 times in a day & 7 times asks for forgiveness, you shall forive him Lk 17:4


Don't charge usury/increase on the poor on what you lend Lev 25:36,37
May charge interest to stranger (5237) Dt 23:20
Don't charge interest to your brothe on money, food or anything else Dt 23:19

Vows (Oath)
Don't swear my heaven, earth or by your head: your communications should be yea, yea or nay nay, everything else is evil Mt 5:34-37
Man vows a vow, swears an oath with a bond, he shall not break his word, he shall do all that proceedeth out of his mouth.
Num 30:2, Dt 23:23
If you make a vow, you will be prompt at doing thing else it's a sin Dt 23:21
Woman vows a vow & still living with her father Num 30:3
   Father hears it & holds his peace, woman's vow stands Num 30:4
   Father hears it & disallows it, woman's vow doesnt stand Num 30:5
Woman vows a vow and is married Num 30:6
Husband hears it & holds his peace, vow stands Num 30:7
Husband hears it & disallows it, vow doesnt stand Num 30:8
Husband hears it & holds peace & later disallows it, vow doesnt stand & husband bears the inquity of broken vow. Num 30:15
Husband may establish or void any oath Num 30:13
Woman vows a vow & is a widow/divorced, vow shall stand Num 30:9
Can't take man's livelyhood as a pledge Dt 24:6
Don't go into a man's house to secure a pledge, let man go in to retrieve it Dt 24:10,11
Return poor man's pledge at evening Dt 24:12
Don't take widows garment for a plege Dt 24:17