Genesis to Revelation Project

Offsite location of bible note, studies as I read the bible from cover to cover and tie knowledge, insight and wisdom found within the covers of the bible to the world outside the covers. As one reads the bible they gain more insight and knowlege so some views in the early studies have been changed due to gaining great insights thru personal and group bible studies

  Future Messages   What comes next
  Kingdom of God vs the kingdom of Satan
  Parable of the Ant
  Noah movie review
  Law #2 Abraham to Moses
  Prophecy Timeline
Date Title Description
  9/6-7/2019   Regional gathering waco 9/6-7/2019  
  8/25/2019   What did Jesus say about Salvation?  
  12/18/2018   The Age of a Man  
  12/02/2018   Transmission and Reception of Love  
  7/22/2018   The Kingdom - part 2  
  7/15/2018   The Kingdom - part 1overview  
  2/4/2018   The Coming American War  
  11/29/2017   Power and Authority  
  11/3/2017   Ambassadors for Christ  
  9/24/2017   Deliverance of a Nation  
  9/17/2017   Three change agents of Acts  
  9/14/2017   Weaponized music for demonic deliverances  
  6/3/2017   Sanctification Gap MP3 Branson message   The Sanctification Gap PDF
  4/19/2017   Hope is alive radio broadcast April 19 2017  
  3/26/2017   Can a Christian be oppressed or possessed March 26 2017  
  3/7/2017   Pulled out of the fire  
  2/12/2017   The Fall of King Saul  
  11/20/2016   The You Ares of Prayer  
  10/16/2016   Evangelism 101 - speak and do not remain silent  
  4/8/2016   In Defense of Saint Patrick  
  3/17/2016   Happy Saint Patricks day  
  2/21/2016   The unfolding of prophecy in Genesis  
  12/13/2015   How to deal with a Muslim invasion  
  10/25/2015   The Parable of the Ant  
  9/27/2015   Do Not open that door (Halloween warning)  
  8/31/2015   The Apostles miracles review  
  8/14/2015   Hiking the Decalogue rock trial on Hidden Mountain  
  7/26/2015   Fish tanked Christians  
  7/17/2015   Jesus miracles review  
  7/4/2015   My Irish Heritage  
  6/29/2015   Power grab week  
  6/15/2015   Protection in the rock  
  6/10/2015   The Greatest Weapon in the Bible  
  5/28/2015   One day makes a difference  
  5/13/2015   Health Healings  
  5/8/2015   Disagreement Process  
  4/28/2015   100 nations set to invade the USA  
  4/22/2015   There is poison in the vine  
  4/1/2015   Swinger Headline  
  3/23/2015   Give me Liberty or give me death  
  3/17/2015   St Patrick in Ireland  
  3/10/2015   The House was filled with smoke  
  3/3/2015   Collateral Damage  
  3/3/2015   Live life with abandon  
  2/26/2015   Sign of the Beard  
  2/21/2015   What about Pedro, Muhammad, Xia-Ping?  
  2/18/2015   Mardi gras Christian  
  2/9/2015   Red Sea Predicament - part 1  
  2/5/2015   Public School argument  
  1/26/2015   Gods Fighting Hornets  
  1/16/2015   Crack, Pop, Swoooosh!  
  1/12/2015   2015 New Year's Resolution  
  12/28/2014   Fear of the Jews  
  12/18/2014   What is Truth?  
  12/11/2014   Biblical Christmas Quiz Questions
  Biblical Christmas Quiz Answers
  12/8/2014   Learned Behavior  
  12/4/2014   No Free Lunch  
  12/2/2014   Here am I, send me  
  11/22/2014   Poor Prepper Planning Produces Perilous Predicament  
  11/19/2014   Conversion or Salvation  
  11/14/2014   Pilgrim: Alone but not Alone  
  11/10/2014   How to plant a rock, Pilgrim style  
  11/1/2014   That Last Summer  
  10/28/2014   Halloween: Life and death decisions  
  10/24/2014   Catholic Conversation Concerning Infant Baptism Blog
  10/20/2014   Are you ready for Ebola? Blog
  10/17/2014   Guinea bans Bat, Rat & Monkey eating Blog
  10/15/2014   How many body bags will it take? Blog
  10/11/2014   Bablyonian Boy Scouts Group
  10/10/2014   Eyes to See Blog
  10/7/2014   Broken Walls Blog
  10/3/2014   Shut your mouth Blog
  10/1/2014   Destruction of our youth Blog
  9/26/2014   There can be only one Blog
  9/13/2014   2 Stones in the hands of an Anointer Group
  9/12/2014   (Fasting part 4) Post Fast debriefing Blog
  9/10/2014   (Fasting part 3) How to break the fast Blog
  8/31/2014   (Fasting part 2) Prayer and fasting team preparation Blog
  7/26/2014   (Fasting part 1) Group Maneuvers: Repel and Attack Group
  6/12/2014   Examination of the man on the mirror Family
  5/17/2014   The Order of the Narrow Way - Introduction Group
  4/30/2014   The Law before the Law which is the Law - part 1   Inspired from messages: 495 , 496, 497 and 498 Order CDs
  4/12/2014   The best military money can buy  
  3/26/2014   The Noah train  
  3/8/2014   Archeology of Genesis  
  2/15/2014   In the Beginning?  
  2/6/2014   Second chance prophet  
  1/26/2014   Where are all the Miracles?  
  1/18/2014   The Bible vs the Churches  
  1/1/2014   The three themes of Christmas  
  12/7/2013   Blasphemy in Johnson City  
  11/9/2013   Lone sheep Terrorist  
  11/1/2013   Taking on Halloween  
  10/6/2013   Voice of a failed prophet  
  9/29/2013   Predestination  
  9/18/2013   The Friends you keep  
  8/24/2013   Redo - Parables of Jesus part 2  
  8/3/2013   Parables of Jesus part 2 Redone study on link above
  7/24/2013   Seven Times before the Mountain  
  6/29/2013   End Time Parables of Jesus - part 1  
  5/29/2013   Can Pentecost be calculated? (no, but why not?)  
  5/8/2013   Israel between the Swords  
  4/29/2013   Sticks n Stones break bones but words kill  
  4/21/2013   I, Wisdom - part 1  
  4/14/2013   Execuse me sirs, She just lied to you  
  3/31/2013   Passover Paradyme Predicament  
  3/21/2013   Healing for His People  
  1/26/2013   War in the Heavens: Heaven's anguish, Hell's 3 day party  
  1/20/2013   War in the heavens battle for the 1st heaven part III  
  1/13/2013   War in the heavens battle for the 1st heaven part II  
  11/22/2012   War in the heavens battle for the 1st heaven part I  
  11/12/2012   War in the heavens Battle for the 2nd heaven part II  
  10/27/2012   Rise of the None-ites  
  10/17/2012   War in the Heavens: Battle for the 2nd Heaven part I  
  10/3/2012   War in the Heavens: Battle for the 3rd Heaven  
  9/16/2012   Were you Did you Why didn't you  
  8/25/2012   Remnant Christian Lifestyle at twilight  
  7/28/2012   Live Answerably  
  7/24/2012   Global or local flood  
  7/15/2012   Jesus knows  
  6/10/2012   Hard Water Parable  
  4/13/2012   Prayer power  
  4/3/2012   The milk of the gospel   Blood Washed Band song
  3/26/2012   2-2-2-2-2-2-2 Enigma of Passover  
  3/12/2012   Christian Soldier: Equipping - part 1  
  3/04/2012   A time for war and a time for peace  
  2/25/2012   The Trinity: 1 in 3, 3 in 1 or 4 by 2 from 1? (part 2)  
  2/12/2012   The Trinity: 1 in 3, 3 in 1 or 4 by 2 from 1? (part 1)  
  1/20/2012   Fukushima Daiichi (end times part 1)  
  12/23/2011   The birth of Jesus  
  10/31/2011   Halloween: What is wrong with this picture?   Serpent Mash song
  10/12/2011   Is Life a game? Will you be a winner?  
  9/26/2011   Back to Basics: 7 days of Creation  
  9/11/2011   Breaking thru Deception: Gog and Magog    
  8/28/2011   Fantastic Hookers of the Bible  
  8/14/2011   The Salvation cycle  
  7/30/2011   Baptism, if you are called  
  5/23/2011   2 Calendars of the Bible: 2 confusing or 2 simple  
  4/30/2011   Passover: from Egypt to Pentecost  
  4/2/2011   Accused/Sentenced: The Death of Jesus  
  3/5/2011   Indiana Jones vs The Bible: Location of the Ark  
  2/28/2011   Jesus: Going to the 4th level part 2  
  2/12/2011   Jesus: Going to the 4th level part 1  
  1/29/2011   The Biblical Timeline: From Adam to 2011   Will be updated, total years off between 30 - 100 years
  1/15/2011   Moses: The Untold Years  
  1/8/2011   God exists  
  6/27/2010   Prayer Proclamations to bring down Curses from Jesus Christ  
  3/20/2010   The bible story  
  3/6/2010   Introduction to the Bible  
      Psalms 83 song
  Future   Did you lose your ticket?   Inspired from message: 917     Order CD